peacock skeleton with crooked feathers

although aptly named, in my opinion this mad max cuff from ymk for castro is not worth its rather shocking price tag.

it is however, quite inspiring and i can probably whip up a similar pierced n' patched leather concoction without even having to go buy any more supplies than what i already have on hand.




if you have $498 kicking around, it's at oak.

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castro said...

if it is so easy why hadnt you done it? we did it first and by the way , they sold this item out in 2 weeks flat. the things to make you say hmm. of course this is Castro from castro nyc. the other half. not mad at you. this is your job. we accept all cracks. thank you for the press though. all press is good press.
dont b shy to reach and see what we are doingnew

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