meat sandwich

going to the GWAR show tonight... and somehow volunteered to be in charge of the photographers for the show, which involves escorting them past security and hanging with them in front of the barricade for the first few songs.

this is usually pretty cool, but most bands don't shower their fans with fake blood and... other bodily fluids. needless to say, i'm wearing a white t-shirt. also wearing sequined booty shorts. it all makes perfect sense.


i need to figure out how/where to get silk digitally printed, because i need to make an entire wardrobe of flowy clothes with this print.

the orion nebula:

i love outer space! can you believe this exists in real life?!

image: seeinginthedark


rep that red

taylor fucking tomasi.

redhead icon.




found via: becauseimaddicted



so i bought a piece of artwork at the show tonight... you know, shit happens.

it's the original version of this piece, called "transatlantic soap technician". yeah. it's fucking awesome.

transatlantic soap technician


one man's trash

there's a reason this girl is on my list of recommended reads. she can take this:

and turn it into this:

anyone have anything i can jewel-encrust?

images: garbagedress


your favourite weapon

speaking of stegosaurus legs, how about stegosaurus feet?

these shoes by louise goldin for topshop should come with a "wear at own risk" warning label...


but chainmail is back... why not accessories inspired by medieval weaponry?


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you vandal

a seriously rad girl that i used to work with (hi kim!) just started up an online vintage store called through being cool. not only is the clothing well picked, the website phenomenal and the photography (by another excellent human, mark) totally epic, but the name is a reference to one of my favourite albums of the late 90's by saves the day.

so... check the through being cool store and check this tune from the album:


like a sultan

a friend of mine casually threw into conversation yesterday, "fliff! fliff! not even counting it!" and it awakened a deep surge of desire for brad neely videos.

behold... fliff night:


out of this world

this outer space radness is from... zara?!?!

how in the furthest reaches of the galaxy is this possible?


diy or die

are these spike/bead things available for normal human beings to purchase? i am not gareth pugh, and yet i would like to attempt to make something otherworldly and fantastic with them.

images: jakandjil, phosphene

silver spoons

by pinky diablo. want!

found through: rackkandruin

mad max

i wrote about this bag a while ago... and it's finally back in stock.

i will soon be adequately prepared to live in a post-apocalyptic badass-biker-gang-dominated society.



still not sick of buckles, spikes and studs. must replicate these stegosaurus leggings.

totally feeling the hellraiser vibe from foxyman. girl is a genius.

images: jakandjil, thefoxyman

serious about burgers

most glamorous halloween costume ever.

i had a ghetto disposable camera, so i'll have to wait until the roll is done to display the evidence. i have to say, though, it turned out pretty epic.
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