thou shalt not covet

but sometimes, thou really just can't help it.

i know i've posted about these before, but i have been staring at pictures of them all day with my cursor hovering over the "add to cart" button.

my mouth is actually watering.

images: oaknyc


taking care of business

starting to get my shit together so i can start shopping my accessories line around to stores and get my etsy shop up and running... and that involves getting business cards designed and printed. so much fun!

side a:

side b:

i love how saved-by-the-bell the b-side turned out.

i also love calling it the b-side.


beautiful little scumbag

walked into the commodore yesterday, dropping some shit off for the dead weather shows, just in time to see jack white soundchecking his drums... pretty fucking rad.

but tonight i get to see the infamous alison mosshart live and in person.



it all comes down to this

ebay. should i?

my inner rockabilly girl says yes.

*edit* they are mine mine mine!

panel of judges

i think my life would feel pretty complete right now if i had a pair of paneled leggings. i tried on some quilted/armoured ones at h&m but they just weren't quite right. all of these, however, definitely are.

oak nyc:

helmut lang:

something else by natalie wood:

rag and bone (sheer side panels!!!):

images: oaknyc, shopbop, pixiemarket


on second thought

maybe i should trade in my new camera for these shoes:

welcome to the future.


everything falls apart

sometimes, when i get home late, rather than going straight to bed i choose to stay up and use my time to do incredibly productive things.

for example, watching 90s goth/industrial music videos. i am particularly fond of this one:


biting the bullet

i finally caved and bought a digital SLR. i'm pretty sure that this will prove to be the best decision i have ever made.

canada post, i'm trusting you to deliver this intact!

canon rebel xs:

be seeing you soon.

snakes on the brain

rad and ridiculous snake headbands: snake patrol



saw this insanely gorgeous ring today... on a very cute boy's hand.

he bought his in new york at selfedge, but he kindly informed me that it's available through their online store!

i probably deserve an early birthday present. from myself. in ring form.


mindless self indulgence

want. want. want.

pamela love cobra quartz necklace:

pamela love dagger rosary:

tuk suede creepers:

complex geometries split square dress:

images: bonadrag, tukshoes, reborn



oh hey, francis murray, i'm starting to get really fucking sick of seeing your name.

perfect androgyny

rad by rad hourani. pure. simple. brilliant.

images: jak&jil

shred til you're dead

for alena:

shredded tee tutorial: childhoodflames


defining our generation

thank you, john hughes.

whenever i opt to use a phony name, it's ALWAYS sloane peterson.


the weather has cooled down for all of two days and i am already experiencing terrible nauseating bouts of fall lust.

chris habana crow skull necklace:

alexander wang creeper boot:

oak pleated sweatpants:

pics: oaknyc
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