the power and the glory

i felt a strange compulsion to go into holt renfrew today. i have been in there several times during the last few months, looking for a specific pair of boots that were never there.

but something just told me that today was the day. lo and behold, one pair left. in black. size 39.

and i don't like to talk about how much things cost, but i'm sure everyone has a pretty good idea of the range. here's the important part: they came to... $666. it's like the dark lord himself led me in there by the hand and delivered them unto me.


(yeah, those are my fucking feet. what.)


ninety-nine, a hundred

searching for a different pair of shoes today, i forgot all about them when i stumbled upon jeffrey campbell's ninety-nine boots on oak.

hmmm... remind you of anything?

dubious implications regarding ethics and morality aside, they're pretty hot. and they're on their way to my house.

le sigh. i'd never be able to afford/find the real thing anyway. plus, if oak endorses them, it must be okay... right?


... there's fire

this blog is having a very toxic influence on me.

something tells me i'll be stopping at the smoke shop after my visit to MAC.

death becomes her

oh shit. going to MAC this evening.

image: withasianstereotypes

black market baby

found audrey cantwell's website through childhood flames. she does gorgeous work with draped leather and there are some beautiful crushed velvet pieces.

i LOVE the styling of the howl collection. why does the black lipstick look so good?

find her on etsy!!

to keep you on your toes

fluevog can be pretty hit-or-miss, but i am really feeling these silverlake boots:

kind of a much less extreme version of THOSE nina ricci shoes:

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