old news

but still totally boner-inducing.
if i only got to wear one pair of shoes
for the rest of my life...

chloe sevigny for bass:

photo: vmagazine



uniform. SRSLY.

photos: platinumevil


... to those who wait

sometimes i get buyer's remorse.
but more often than not, i get non-buyer's remorse:

i see something awesome, i waffle a little and by the time i make up my mind, it's sold out, discontinued, unavailable or being sold on ebay for 5x the price.

but sometimes... indecisiveness has its virtues!

exhibit a: colonial madness cutout boots

tried on 2 months ago, got stoked, got scared, didn't seal the deal.

mine today. more than 50% off.

photo: urbanoutfitters


lone wolf

soooo bummed!!! just got home to find that one half of my absolute fave pair of earrings fell off its hook and is howling at the moon somewhere on the streets of vancouver tonight.

guess it's off to ebay to buy another pair.
going without is out of the question.

photo: beadedcreations

sweet and tender hooligan


hell's bells

scratching the surface

i fell in love with surface to air when i bought the raw aluminum 3-finger bar ring (which people always freak out about and think i'm sporting knucks):

and now they come out with a line of badass geriatric buckled wedge glories... bitch PLEASE.

plus, last night, i was totally creeping on this babe at the bar who finally came over and chatted me up... and he was wearing this:

instantly sold.

bblessing, refinery29, surfacetoair


gilded conscience

my little rooms order arrived!! i am IN LOVE with the bomber ring. ester's work is uh-mazing.

just loading up on huge gold rings... mmm heavy hands.

photo: littlerooms


bleach blue

going to attempt to DIY this piece this weekend:

photo: pixiemarket

of course

i have been obsessing over this perfect cramps tee on ebay for days...

when i finally remembered to click "view seller's other items" the list included none other than the unbelievably awesome vintage round chanel shades i had clicked on a day earlier, through gnarlitude.

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