lone wolf

soooo bummed!!! just got home to find that one half of my absolute fave pair of earrings fell off its hook and is howling at the moon somewhere on the streets of vancouver tonight.

guess it's off to ebay to buy another pair.
going without is out of the question.

photo: beadedcreations


Gnarlitude Jen said...

oh shit they have some craze rad earrings.. my friend named her daughter izzy wolf.. she might be pretty into scoring herself those wolves!

rat pack said...

yeah, they've got all sorts of crazy beaded shit! the wolves are by far the best, though... and they attract a lot of attention. everyone gets so stoked on them!

kaye said...

nooooooo! I hope someone picks him up and cares for him properly...and gains his magickal <-----(yuck, but did it on purpose) powers of radness.

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