one man's trash

there's a reason this girl is on my list of recommended reads. she can take this:

and turn it into this:

anyone have anything i can jewel-encrust?

images: garbagedress


kaye said...

the A.F. Vandervorst black leather hoof boots from the FW09 collection?

...don't they gross you out? like horses?

just wondering.

at least they're not knobby knees i guess.

RAT PACK said...

well, since horses are really low on my stuff-to-think-about-when-i-don't-absolutely-have-to list, humans with hooves actually make me think of fauns or the greek god pan... both of which are totally badass.

effin horses! pfffftt.

RAT PACK said...

... those boots still kinda gross me out, though. but i don't even know why!

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